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24-Carats Gold Sheets

TownHouse Galleria Milano, the 1st Hotel in the World which offers the chance to sleep in gold. The 24 Carat Gold Sheets have been conceived by Alessandro Rosso Dubai, designed by Federico Buccellati and made by Piana Clerico 1582. Sheets are made of a fabric woven with 24 Carat Gold (40%) and the most precious silk yarns. The parure includes one bottom sheet, four pillowcases, and one duvet cover. Piana Clerico 1582 certificate of guarantee guarantees the authenticity.

From May 15, 2017, guests staying in the wonderful Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite will finally be able to experience the unique feeling of sleep wrapped in gold. A 24-hour security service outside the Suite will ensure guest privacy and security.

The 24 Carat Gold Sheets are also available for purchase. They are produced in 100 numbered parure packaged in precious boxes with a guarantee certificate and a gold thread coil. The price is 200.000€ for the entire parure.

Symbol of wealth and royalty, gold stimulates wisdom and desire for knowledge. It has a protective effect, brings vital energy, increases self-esteem, courage, and willpower and amplifies positive feelings.

From its location on the 3rd floor, our sumptuous Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite presents a breath-taking panoramic view of the center of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

This perfect urban retreat boasts an impeccable design, spacious layout and every amenity anyone could wish for. The master bedroom features an oversized flat screen TV, a spacious wardrobe and a working desk. Equally stunning is the adjoining bathroom, outfitted with Italian marble walls, featuring an oval bathtub and a wide window overlooking the Galleria.

The separate glass-enclosed shower for two is accessible directly from the bedroom. Furnished with custom-designed pieces, the elegant living room provides access to a large balcony, which runs the length of the suite with an impressive view of the Galleria.

The suite, which can be linked to an adjoining room and suite, also offers a large dining area serviced by a private kitchenette, while the wood-panelled studio with an additional small bathroom provides an elegant working environment for business travellers.

Offering a true sense of luxury and space, our Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite is arguably the most impressive, soothing and stylish in Milan.

Rare Properties of Gold

Gold is very hard to destroy. You can beat it down into a sheet, melt it, or even dissolve it in aqua regia, but it is still there and it can still be recovered. It cannot be made to appear or disappear by will alone; it is a part of our physical world.

Not only is gold durable, but it is also scarce. This scarcity means that a great amount of value can be exchanged in small quantities of gold, but it also means that the total amount of gold in the world grows rather slowly, and is limited by the amount of gold available and extractable.

Although gold is hard to destroy, it is very easy to shape. It can be easily shaped into coins, bars, or artwork and jewellery.

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The production of jewellery in the Buccellati's family dates back to the second half of the 18th century when, in his Milanese workshop in Contrada degli Orafi (known today as Via degli Orefici), Contardo Buccellati opened a jewellers shop. But it was Mario Buccellati who laid the foundations of an artistic style, which was to be handed down from generation to generation. Since Mario Buccellati opened his first store in Milan in 1919, Buccellati creations have become world famous. By that time, the fame of Buccellati jewels began to attract the attention of royalty all over the world for the unique way of engraving the gold and the silver, the elegance of design and the beauty of simplicity, with roots in the artistic splendours of the Renaissance. Of the sons of Mario Buccellati, Federico Buccellati faithfully internalized his father's unique artistic style, preserving all the ideas that had been instilled in him while they had worked together, and continuing to explore the possibilities of jewellery as art. A philosophy of craftsmanship rich in symbolic significance and timeless magic does not follow trends but aspires to a universal standard of beauty. Nowadays Lorenzo and Benedetta Buccellati, carrying on the tradition their father and grandfather passionately created before them, run the company.

The Piana family began its ancient tradition in 1582 and the manufacturing commitment has been handed down through the generations. The family's history is bound inextricably with the art of weaving wool and precious fibres. The various techniques learned over the years and evolving research inspired the company's mission to offer a technically impeccable product every time. The Piana family was born, has grown and continues to exist by adapting to the developments of its trade, and must be acknowledged as one of the pioneers in progressing from craft to industry.  Noble fibres like cashmere and silk are enhanced with gold yarn, interweaving the fabric with the glow of elegance. The first significant step in Piana Clerico professional journey was based in the idea of dream accessories becoming a reality. Piana Clerico 1582 produces a yarn unique in its genre and certainly the perfect expression of textile comfort and prestige. The yarn is hallmarked by the plush softness of its noble fibres despite containing 24 carat gold.

Piana Clerico