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Pamper your pet with our TownHouse Hotels Complimentary Pets Program! You and your pet will receive as a complimentary service the In-Room use of a luxurious TownHouse Hotels Pets complete Kit; and the TownHouse Pets Concierge advices, which is full of activities for you and your dog to enjoy at the hotel and around town. The TownHouse Complimentary Pets Program also includes a one-time room deep cleaning upon check-out and is available both at TownHouse Galleria and TownHouse Duomo hotels. To add TownHouse Hotels Complimentary Pets Program to your reservation, please select it at check-in when booking online or ask our Reservation Manager for more information.

The TownHouse Galleria and TownHouse Duomo Guests who stay in our Suites will enjoy a special benefit from our Pets Program: communicating in advance on your stay the favorite food of your pet; we will provide it for the entire length fo your stay in order to don’t let you and your little friend miss anything from your Home habits. Remember to contact our Reservations Department or to attach it to your booking request to receive confirmation.


The TownHouse Hotels Pets Program will let you dispose of some luxurious and exclusive products provided by “For Pets Only“ (the Boutique is located in Via S. Pietro All'Orto, 3, Milano) in two different proposals for our Rooms and Suites.


As a complimentary service, you will find in your  Room a Chenille Sofa for small sized pets or a Beige Mat for medium sized pets, a Teacup bowl Set (available in different sizes) together to a coordinated Beige Lunch time Mat.


As a complimentary service, you will find in your  Suite a Chenille Four Poster Shabby Bed for small sized pets or a Beige Mat for medium sized pets, Four Poster Teacup bowl Set (available in different sizes) together to a coordinated Beige Lunch time Mat and a Papillon Stair to let to your friend easily access to the Suite Bed. Our Suites Guests will also receive a special and exclusive gift to make your stay even more unique, thanks to the TownHouse Hotels care.